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I don't want a one time thing

A blog about fitness and one night stands? Yup. Read on.

At the weekend, we had the 2024 London to Brighton bike ride, with thousands of people leaving London at 6am to head to the finish line, many hours away, in Brighton.


I'm super pleased the rain (mostly) held off for them this year.


It is an amazing achievement (and one some of us are going to be recreating at Chateau Velo at the end of June!) BUT many of those who do the bike ride will never ride again.


Not because of some terrible accident, but rather because they got to their goal.


Completed it mate ✅

Next ➡️


Their goal was about completing the bike ride. And they achieved that, so now there is no need to ever get back on a bike again!

But it makes me sad.

I'm all for doing astonishing feats (did I mention we're doing the London to Brighton in the studio?!) but this 'completed it' mentality in the health and fitness space leads to an almost endless stream of bootcamp / shred challenge / 30 day things to get you fitter... that don't actually work.

Because most people get to the end and that's it.


Completed it mate ✅

Next ➡️


Fitness isn’t a one and done thing.

You can’t ‘complete it’.

Just like a one night stand it can sometimes leave you feeling a little unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and nothing has actually changed.


Which is why when thinking about fitness goals, what’s actually important is the process.

The small steps.

The repeatable actions that build a habit.


Want to make it easy to keep doing something? Make it fun. Make it enjoyable. If you enjoy something, it is much easier to get yourself to do it again.


So if you’re looking to ‘get fitter’, think about activities that will get you huffing and puffing but feeling good. And yes, that counts. 


What also counts is getting sweaty, smiley & satisfied in our studio.

Awesome instructors encouraging you every pedal stroke, getting you excited about getting sweaty, with good music and great vibes.


You can find out more about what a spin class with Chateau Velo looks like here.

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