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The Studio

The place where the magic happens.

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The studio is place for you to forget your worries, to forget the outside world.

A secret world where you can get lost in the music.


First Class FAQs

What you need to know when you ride with us for the first time


What do I need to bring?

For all classes we recommend you bring water (there is a holder on the bike for bottles) and a sweat towel (it doesn't need to be anything special - a flannel or tea towel works!).

We have a water machine in the changing rooms so you can fill up your water bottle, or we have cans of water available to buy at reception.


What if it's my first time doing indoor cycling?

You are in exactly the right place! We ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the class start time so we can help you get set up on your bike (we fit the bike to you) and to give you an overview of how everything works.


What should I wear?

We recommend clothes you feel comfortable getting sweaty in! You will get warm, so a t-shirt or vest type top is great. Ideally not too loose around your ankles.

You can wear any trainers that aren't too thick bottomed, or we have cycling shoes you can use for free as part of your package.


What happens afterwards?

Firstly, you will feel awesome! Having got sweaty and smiley in class you should be very satisfied with yourself! If you pre-ordered a drink or smoothie it will be waiting for you in the cafe.

Before you leave do let us know how you got on - we love chatting to our new riders, and be sure to ask any questions.

First Class FAQs
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