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The problem with first impressions

When you are getting started with fitness, whether starting at the gym or an indoor cycling class, what's the first thing you'll likely do? Google it.

You might search "beginner fitness" or "beginner indoor cycling", or maybe you'll just google "spin class" and see what comes up.

You search on YouTube for "indoor cycling class".

Or if you're a bit younger than me you might just have a look at tiktok.

You click play, and then you're just like "oh no, nevermind".

I understand.

The first impression is often not great.

When people first come into the cafe and quietly ask about ‘the bike thing’ I ask if they’ve every done a spin class before.

The most common responses are: “no, I could never do something like that, I’ve seen the videos” or “yeah, this one time, the instructor shouted at me / I couldn’t walk for a week / I felt terrible”

Yeah no, that’s not ok. But let's chat about each of these in turn.

The online video thing

There are lots of videos online showing short clips of crazy choreo on a spin bike. Some are highly skilled professionals showing off their skills. Some are actually crazy. And some downright dangerous.

But that’s why it’s online - it’s to get attention for whatever reason.

The short clips are not representative of a full class (although maybe for some of the dangerous ones - just disregard those entirely!) - they are about getting attention.

As with everything on the internet, please take it all with a pound of salt and lots of scepticism.

The ‘other’ instructor

There are many different styles and approaches to coaching. It is for each instructor to find what works best for them, and for each client too. However fitness often goes through ‘phases’ and there was a time where the ‘No pAiN nO GAiN’ mentality was everywhere and suddenly everything was a bootcamp and everyone was shouting.

It wasn’t for me.

So I’d like to make it clear that we’re not like that here.

At Chateau Velo we like to coach positively. It’s about whispering in your ear (literally with the silent disco headphones) that you can do it, that you can do a little more.

Giving you the option to make it harder.

Guiding you to your level 8 or 9 out of 10.

You always make the decision about the intensity. You are always in control.

As your coach, I’m the advisor, the entertainment and the inspiration.

But you are the driver.

If you’ve been putting off booking a class, send me a message and let me know what's stopping you, and I'll see if I can help.

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