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Updated: Apr 8

1% is all you need - why exercising for 15 minutes a day is enough

You’re at the checkout having just got your change (yes, you went old school and actually paid cash!) and someone asks you for one cent. Or one penny for those UK folx. Could you spare one cent? Its small bronze form is right there, in your hand, would you hand it over? One cent/penny doesn’t sound like much right? Just 1% of a dollar/pound. You won’t miss one tiny little bronze coin right?

One of the most common reasons people have for not moving their body is “I don’t have time

I get it - life is, well, busy. There is always something, and when there isn’t something… well you feel like you need to just do nothing to get over the many many never-ending somethings.

The problem is, as much as you feel you need to do nothing to get some energy back, it doesn’t work. Actually if you were to do some moving, 999 times out of 1000 it will give you more energy and recharge you - mentally and physically.

Moving doesn't have to mean 'exercise' - moving means movement, something fun. Something to get you a little hot and sweaty, your heart racing... and yes *that* counts (wink wink)

There are lots of fitness and activity metrics - but the reality is 30 or 60 minute workouts can be intimidating before you even consider the time constraints many of us face AND the fact traditional workouts or exercise can be a little scary.

So set the bar lower.

Put it on the floor if you wish.

F*ck it, throw the bar in the basement. Make your first goals achievable. And 15 minutes can be achievable.

15 minutes works out at 1% of your day. So you only need to give 1%. One penny of every pound (or one cent of every dollar) - that’s it. That's all I want from you.

We are not looking for a quick hack or magic solution (although music is magic - more on that another time). We’re not looking for the perfect workout - we want something achievable so that we can build consistency. Better to do a little something most of the time than everything once or twice.

Consistency > perfection

Saving that one penny isn't going to be enough to get you your dream house or holiday. I mean it wouldn't even get you the cherry to go on top of your holiday cocktail. But saving isn't about getting to your goal immediately. It's something you do over and over and over again, and then suddenly you have enough to do what you dreamed of doing.

It is far better to move your body for any amount of time than to not move it. If 15 minutes feels too much for now, then do just one song. Just ONE. Start where you are, and go from there.

Let me be clear.

It’s not that 15 minutes is all you ever need to do. Movement is good and ultimately more is better (I mean, don't we all like more?) Sometimes you’ll want to do more. Some days you’ll need to do more to feel better, to destress, to feel more yourself.

But 15 minutes is enough. Enough to feel better. Enough to feel stronger. Enough to feel more confident.

And that is a great goal right?

We have a range of 15 minute quickie rides on our YouTube channel - because Fitness doesn’t have to take forever. Check them out here.

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